We are always on the lookout for talented people. Please follow the directions below if you are interested in potentially joining the Bowman lab.

Mentoring Style
I see every trainee as a puzzle box. My job is to work with them to unlock their full potential.

Everyone who wants to pursue scientific excellence is welcome in my lab. Research is a major part of scientific excellence, but excellence also includes public engagement, training junior scientists, and many other aspects. As someone who is legally blind, I am active in promoting the engagement of people with disabilities in STEM and I encourage my lab to follow their own outreach passions.

My lab also runs the Folding@home distributed computing project, which provides opportunities to engage with a community of over 200K citizen scientists around the world.

You can learn more about my perspective on science and mentoring on Twitter (@drGregBowman).

Graduate Students and Undergrads
If you are a current graduate or undergraduate student and would like to discuss potential opportunities in the Bowman lab, please email Greg at grbowman[at]seas.upenn.edu and include your CV and a brief explanation of your research interests.

If you’re interested in applying to U Penn for graduate school, I recommend applying through the Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics program (under the BGS umbrella)  or the Bioengineering program. Students from Chemistry, Physics, and other graduate programs are also welcome!

Please email Greg at grbowman[at]seas.upenn.edu and include your CV and a brief (one page or less) description of a project you might like to pursue in the Bowman lab.  This research description is meant to give us a sense of your interests and the way you think, it is not a binding commitment to a specific project.